Fall 2019 Athletic Clearance

    Athletic Clearance Instructions (Athletic Clearance must be completed every school year, no roll over from previous school years.):

    Athletic website with all the instructions: Paly Athletics

    • Athletic Clearance
    • Physical Form (see attached document)
    • Summer Practice Schedule
    • Fall Practice Tryouts

    Physical Collection/Ticket to Play Distribution will be on the following dates:
    **Pickup at Ticket Office, located at the Southeast Entrance of Peery Center across from Viking Stadium**

    Thursday, August 1st 11am-2pm
    Friday, August 2nd 11am-2pm
    Monday, August 5th 11am-2pm
    Tuesday, August 6th 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm
    Wednesday, August 7th 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm
    Thursday, August 8th 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm
    Friday, August 9th 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm
    Monday, August 12th 8am-10am & 2pm-4pm

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